Roofing Professionals You Can Trust

We are the #1 choice for residential and commercial storm damage repair and roof replacement in the Midwest.

Our Services Include

Roof Replacements  // Siding  // Gutters // Storm Damage Repair // Much more...

Midwest Storm Company can assist with any storm damaged property and get your home or business repairs handled quickly and efficiently!
You need someone on your side through the claim process- we are here to help you.

 High Quality Materials 
No obligation roof inspection from a certified pro.

Direct Contact Numbers

Jeremy H: 563-451-2292          Alan B: 563-580-7250          Chase: 563-599-8460

Anthony: 563-581-1031            Allen S: 563-513-1429

Grant: 765-532-3583                 Allie: 563-542-4359              Nick: 563-599-7991


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